#BOOKREVIEW - The Cripple’s Bride (Family of Love Series) by Elliee Atkinson

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Book: The Cripple’s Bride (Family of Love Series)
Author: Elliee Atkinson
Genre: Western Romance

My Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2qRDtZE


A broken heart and leg…a lonely and beautiful loner…and a battered woman who has lost her grip on sanity…

Daryl Parker didn’t things could get any worse than his beloved Laura, who he was about to propose to, running off with another man in the middle of the night. However, when his wagon is stuck in a snowstorm and he falls down into a ravine, he knows that it has just done that. Things are far worse than he could have imagined, and only his faith in God will bring him to the light shining in a lonely cottage window.

Rachel has never been one to chase men, except perhaps to chase them away, as she will only say yes to the man of her dreams. When he literally shows up on her doorstep only one breath away from death, it seems, she knows that the Lord is smiling on her at last. That is, if she can nurse him through the night and find a doctor.

In order for the two to pursue the romantic connection they make almost instantly, Rachel has to find a way to help Daryl recover from his life-threatening injuries. One leg is broken, his arm is gashed open, and a hidden injury causes a fever that could steal him away just as she’s beginning to think he’ll survive. In addition, a strange woman with two young children in tow is in town claiming to be his wife, though he’s never mentioned the woman before.

Rachel must make a choice—is the handsome stranger a dastardly man trying to shirk his familial responsibilities—or the victim of a crazy set of circumstances that no one ever could have predicted?

Has Daryl finally found the perfect salve for his body and soul—or will the woman he left behind ruin his happiness at last with her insane cries for attention?

Love can show up at your door step unexpectedly!

The Cripple’s Bride is another sweet western romance in the Family of Love Series. This story is one that will have you turning page after page.  A unique and captivating story with romance and a happy-ending that we all have come to expect. A little bit of mystery and a lot of romance. Sometimes you don’t always understand why you are put through trials however the end could always be the perfect answer. Sometimes love comes knocking on your door when it is least expected, however it is something to cherish and grab ahold of when it’s within your reach. The characters are well developed and engaging. There are real life situations that the characters go through and face. It is easy to relate to the realism of the characters.

Elliee Atkinson does a fantastic job with the descriptiveness throughout her stories. You get a good sense of the area, the homes and the businesses. I will definitely continue to read the series to see what happens with the rest of the characters.

I have read several books by Elliee Atkinson. I have not been disappointed, yet! I recommend this book and series to anyone that enjoys reading a clean western romance with a delightful ending.

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