#BOOKREVIEW - Their Virgin Nanny by SC Daiko

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Book: The Virgin Nanny
Author: SC Daiko
Genre: Erotica, LGBT-Bisexual

My Rating: ★★★★

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yQ2J4B




Working as a nanny in an exclusive London borough for two bi-sexual alphas is my dream job. Except Gabe and Luke are so freaking hot they're making me think dirty thoughts. I can't have them though... it would be totally outta line. And they couldn't possibly be interested in a twenty-two-year old virgin like me. I'll have to find someone else to punch my V card, right? Yeah, right...

Gabe and Luke

Sweet, innocent Eleri doesn't realize how cute she is. Like a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and every other cliche you can think of. She's also sexy as f*ck, tempting as sin, and trouble with a bit T. We wanna pop her cherry and make her ours. We know it's wrong, she's our kids' nanny, but it feels so frigging right. It's not like we're gonna fall for her, not like she's gonna fall for us either.

Just a bit of fun... nothing more, nothing less...

Until it isn't.


A flirty and fun read!

Luke and Gabe are a gay couple looking for a new nanny to take care of their two boys. They are a committed couple who likes to bring in an occasional woman into their bedroom. They come across the virginal Eleri, who is sent over by the agency. The men take to her and bring her into their world.

I enjoyed the story, which had some very hot scenes. The trio had amazing chemistry and were well-developed characters. It was flirty and fun to read.

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