#BOOKREVIEW - Circled by Anne McAneny

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Book: Circled: Part of the Crime After Time Collection
Author: Anne McAneny
Narrated by: Laura Jennings
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

My Rating: ★★★★★


A fire ignites a whirlwind of action and accusation in a swamp town that hasn't seen excitement since the big lottery win twelve years ago. Little does reporter Chloe Keyes know that when she sniffs around for clues, she'll end up facing her own demons while unsettling the very foundation of her hometown.

Chloe starts her day by pulling a gun on two intruders—and things only go downhill from there. Driving to Boyd's General for her daily caffeine fix, she finds the place ablaze. When the flames die down, she uncovers evidence that points to a dire fate for her missing childhood friend, Hoop. He disappeared years ago, on the same day his girlfriend was struck and killed by a car. The events have left a dark mark on Chloe.
Over the next two days, strange occurrences pile up: Chloe's neighbor is found floating and bloated in Black Swamp, the head of a cosmetics conglomerate is arrested by federal agents, phone records point to a dead girl making calls, and a handsome stranger mystifies everyone he meets. Through it all, the promise of a spectacular magic show captivates the local residents.

Close calls with gators and an armed felon lead to a startling conclusion, complete with illusion, chicanery, and the most divisive trick of all: cold, hard truth. Will Chloe's murky existence finally be clarified or will she succumb to the demons that haunt her?

An engaging suspense with a magical ending!

Circled is a suspenseful and intriguing well-written story.  The story moves along at a fast pace with a fresh and original plot. Anne’s writing is solid and nearly flawless. The characters are well developed and engaging. You can easily relate to the flaws of the characters and the skeletons that many have hidden in the closet. It is an unresolved past that is reaching for understanding and resolution.  

This is a story that focuses on good against evil and how good can prevail in the end. It will unfold one page at a time until you get to the magical ending. You do not want to miss reading this book and seeing how the story unravels. A good story that is full of suspenseful twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Laura Jennings did a splendid job with the narration. She has a clear and crisp voice that is easy to follow.  I thought she does a good job with the story, which led to a good reading experience.

This is the first book that I have read by Anne McAneny and will certainly not be my last. I was not disappointed at all. I recommend Circled to anyone that is looking for a good suspenseful and magical show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing to the end.

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