#BOOKREVIEW - Believe by Shelly Hickman

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Book: Believe
Author: Shelly Hickman
Narrator(s): Shelly Hickman
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary Fiction

My Rating: ★★★★


Believe. A message that still taunts her years after the passing of her daughter. In the days of her daughter’s illness, she considered herself a seeker, open to the possibilities of prayer and faith. Now cynical and guarded, she is forced to reexamine her beliefs and relive her past when an old love resurfaces, with a sick child of his own. Believe is a story that examines fractures to our foundations in the face of tragedy. It is a story that asks if prayers are always answered, but often in ways we do not see.

A story of heartbreak, healing and hope!

Believe is a story of one individual’s loss of a loved one. It tells of how she dealt with her feelings and the experience as a whole. It is a story of heartbreak, healing and hope. Believe will take you on a journey that will step on all of your emotions.  This story is one that you can relate to on different levels – whether it is the loss of your child or the loss of a close relative. Every person goes through similar feelings and starts to question what they believe. Believe takes you through the journey and can help you to know that you are not alone; others out there go through the same thing.

I thought the author did a great job of putting into a story the different emotions and experiences that happen when you lose someone you love. You start to question things you might not have questioned before. Believe is well written and will keep your attention to the very end. This is not a romantic book or a spiritual book. It is simply a book that will give you hope.   

Shelly Hickman did a great job with the narration. She had a clear and crisp voice that was easy to follow.  

Anyone that is struggling with a loss or just wants confirmation that his or her feelings are normal then this is a book for you. This story will give you a sense of peace and hope.

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