#BOOK REVIEW - Playing For Her Heart by Emily Robertson

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Book: Playing For Her Heart
(Portwood Brothers Series Book 5)
Author: Emily Robertson
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult & College

My Rating: ★★★★★

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xXa8mT


Wes had it all, an amazing job, a great family, and the best friends. He lives by the motto “work hard and play harder.” His only regret is the way things ended with his college girlfriend, Hailey. He knows he could have handled the situation better, and he has lived with that ever since the day they broke up.

Hailey used to love her job, the city, and life. That was until she suffered the unimaginable at the hands of a coworker. Since the assault life just isn’t the same, and she feels like she’s losing control. Now the job she loved is her personal hell, and the city she used to enjoy doesn’t seem so great. She’s got baggage, a lot of it, and so many regrets she can’t even count them all.

When Wes learns that Hailey’s world has come crashing down around her, he finally puts his hurt and pride away and reaches out to the woman he once loved. Hailey may think she’s unlovable, but he’ll show her that she’s wrong. Wes is all in and ready to show her that she can depend on him. A little work never bothered him before especially when he’s playing for her heart. 

A passionate and entertaining romance!  

Playing For Her Heart is the fifth book in the Portwood Brothers series. This story tells the love story of Hailey and Wes. Hailey had a job offer of a lifetime and was willing to put aside her relationship to take the chance. Little did Hailey know that when an offer appears to good to be true there is a reason for that. Even though Hailey hurt Wes, he never let his love for her go. She was his one true love and he was willing to do what it would take to get her back. Is it too late to realize that the comfort, love and companionship of a past relationship was always the best offer.

Playing For Her Heart is a well-written story; another perfect to story in the Portwood series.  The author did a great job of adding plenty of action and passion to keep my interest throughout the whole book. The characters are well developed and engaging. Emily Robertson does an amazing job of intertwining the different characters throughout each book of the series. It doesn’t matter what order you read the books, you will not feel that you are missing anything.  This is one of my favorite series as the writing is top-notch and the storyline is entertaining and full of passion.

This is one of several books that I have read by Emily Robertson and will certainly not be my last. I have yet to be disappointed! I recommend Playing For Her Heart, or the series as a whole, to anyone that enjoys reading romance that will keep you entertained and pull at your heartstrings repeatedly.

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