BOOK REVIEW: One Last Objection (Oak Grove Series Book 4) by Nancy Stopper

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Book: One Last Objection
(Oak Grove Series Book 4)
Author: Nancy Stopper
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Rating: ★★★★★



Can a burnt-out attorney turn his friends-with-benefits relationship with a fiery redheaded shrink into something more when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant?

Dr. Margaret James is a successful psychologist in the small town of Oak Grove, PA. After growing up with two absent parents, she sees no need for a family or children. She’s happy and independent and likes it that way. She even enjoys the friends-with-benefits relationship she has with Philadelphia lawyer Michael Bennett.

After his dreams for making partner at his big city law firm are shattered, Michael Bennett packs up, buys out a retiring attorney’s practice in his hometown, and moves home. He’s looking forward to the slower pace of life in Oak Grove and interested in reigniting his relationship with fiery Maggie James.

An unexpected pregnancy throws Maggie for a loop. She doesn’t know how to be a mother. Hell, she can barely take care of herself. Enter Michael, who wants to take care of her and the baby. Is she willing to give up some of her independence at a chance for love and the family she’s never had? Will Michael be able to overcome her objections?

A passionate, sweet and delightful romance!

One Last Objection is an inspiring story full of romance, passion and emotion.  There is just enough action and romance throughout to keep my interest piqued.  Nancy Stopper does a fantastic job of creating characters that are engaging and well developed while intertwining the different characters throughout each book of the series.  I really appreciate and like that the characters in the books are realistic with their flaws, imperfections, insecurities, and problems just as a normal “real” person has.

This is one of several books that I have read by Nancy Stopper and will certainly not be my last. I was not disappointed at all. I recommend any book in the Oak Grove series if you enjoy being entertained with passionate romance.

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