BOOK REVIEW: Play Right By Me (Paradise Cove, Book 3) by Patrice Wilton

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Book: Play Right by Me (Paradise Book 3) 
Author: Patrice Wilton
Narrator: Rita Page
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

My Rating: ★★★★


PLAY RIGHT BY ME is a new riveting romance that will steal your heart and make you sigh with pleasure.

Brittany Holmes, heartbroken and pregnant, leaves the touring dance troupe and the glamorous life she led in Miami for home in Paradise Cove. Her mother and sisters are like a beacon at the end of the road, and their unconditional love and support is what her bruised heart craves.

Ashley Jordon Chase, New York advertising exec, is in Paradise Cove to pursue his lifetime dream of being a playwright. Family circumstances thwarted his earlier writing ambitions and his lucrative career doesn’t satisfy him.

When Brittany loses her baby, Chase offers comfort. Having experienced the same tragedy in his first marriage he knows how devastating a miscarriage can be. Brittany hides her insecurities behind a wall, but Chase breaks past it to see her most vulnerable side. Their friendship becomes more, and she trusts that he won't let her down. Yet a family emergency pulls him away, leaving her alone. Again. Was she a fool to let him into her heart? Or can they turn their brief affair into a lifetime of love?

A heartwarming and emotional romance!

Play Right by Me is the story of Brittany and Chase. After going through a heartbreaking breakup, Brittany seeks the comfort of her family at their cottage in Paradise Cove. Chase is visiting the cottages to pursue his dream of being a playwright. What Chase didn’t expect was to find while visiting was a beautiful woman that he wanted to be with. Can Brittany and Chase follow their dreams and find the relationship that they both want?

Play Right by Me is another adventure in the Paradise Cove island series. The story will be one that you won’t soon forget with the unique plot and great characters. This story captured my attention from the very beginning.  Patrice Wilton did an outstanding job of pulling at your heartstrings throughout. Your heartstrings will be pulled on throughout. It gives you all the ooohs and aahhs that you enjoy in a good romance. This was a very thought provoking story with lots to learn from all the characters.  

Rita Page did a decent job with the narration. She had a clear voice that was easy to follow. She did a great job with the voice inflections. I didn’t care for the voices that were used for a few of the characters. In my personal opinion, I would have preferred Cynthia Vail to remain as the voice with the series. I enjoyed the story but just not the narration.

With her superb writing, it is a pleasure to read Patrice Wilton’s books.  I am looking forward to reading more by Patrice Wilton. I recommend the Paradise Cove series to anyone that enjoys passionate and emotional romance stories.  

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