BOOK REVIEW: One Last Chance (Oak Grove Series Book 3) by Nancy Stopper

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Book: One Last Chance
(Oak Grove Series Book 3)
Author: Nancy Stopper
Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Rating: ★★★★★


She's escaped an abusive relationship, he's hiding from the horrors that followed him home.  Can the two of them find the courage to face their pain, heal, and find love?

Rachel Bennett has had enough. She's finally found the strength to leave her bastard of a boyfriend with the help of her childhood friend and deputy sheriff, Sawyer. But the hurt runs deep, as do the family secrets that drove her down the spiral of self-destruction. She's determined to start life fresh, but with nowhere to go, she finds herself staying with Sawyer.

Sawyer Truman has loved Rachel as long as he can remember. He joined the Army Reserves after high school to prove to himself--and Rachel--he's the right man for her. He returns from Afghanistan, demons hot on his trail, to find Rachel shacking up with a new boyfriend. He fears he's lost his one chance with Rachel. It doesn't take long before he sees what no one wants to admit--Rachel is being abused. After one too many calls to her house, he convinces Rachel to leave Shane. What he didn't expect to happen was to find her living in his guest room.

As Rachel heals from her abusive relationship, Sawyer and Rachel grow closer. But will a lingering family secret threaten to ruin Rachel's fragile psyche? Will Sawyer's unspoken love for Rachel survive and grow?


An intense and passionate romance of surviving and healing!

One Last Chance is an intense and passionate romance. A powerful and touching romance, One Last Chance is full of emotion .The main character, Rachel, learns how to heal and survive the horrific abuse suffered at the hands of her boyfriend, Shane. With the compassion and love of Sawyer, Rachel can heal while finding her independence.

The story line is fresh and moves along at a steady pace. This is an intense yet delightful story that will captivate you and keep your attention from the beginning to the end. This story hooked me from the very start and I could not put it down. The characters are easy to connect with and are well developed. Nancy does a great job of taking a hard and sensitive subject matter and bringing to light the feelings that the victim has and the different aspects and triggers that go along with it.  It is obvious this author does their research. The situations are realistic and the characters draw the reader into the story. The reader will hurt and cry, laugh and rejoice along with the characters.

I have had the pleasure to read several books by Nancy Stopper. This author hasn't disappointed me yet! Nancy Stopper has done a superior job on every book in the Oak Grove series. I recommend this book (and the series) to anyone that enjoys sweet, intense and passionate romance stories.

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