BOOK REVIEW: Misled (Death Dwellers MC Book 1) by Kathryn Kelly

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Book: Misled (Death Dwellers MC Book 1) 
Author: Kathryn Kelly
Narrator: Samuel Valor
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Organized Crime

My Rating: ★★★★


Megan “Meggie” Foy has had a tough life. Her home life is nothing as it seems. Living with her mother and step-father is a complete nightmare. They seem to have the perfect little family, but appearances can be deceiving and monsters are closer than you think. When her body and mind can take no more abuse at the hands of her step-father, Meggie finally decides to run, hoping her father, MC President of the Death Dwellers’ Joseph "Boss" Foy, can save her and rescue her terrified mother from the clutches of her step-monster, before it's too late for them.

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell deals in a world of violence, sex, drugs, and crudity. As current president of the Death Dwellers' MC, he presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor, Joseph "Boss" Foy. Outlaw is trying to keep everything with the club in his control. What happens when more trouble arises in the form of a blonde haired, 18 year old, beauty with the same eyes as his former mentor?

Meggie discovers her daddy is gone and now there m
aybe no one to save her and her mother. How will she feel when she finds out the man who killed him is the man she's falling in love with? Can Outlaw get past his demons to truly find love with Meggie and peace with the death of Boss Foy? Alliances will be made, loyalties tested, lives will be lost, but will love conquer all in the world of bikers and revenge?

A gritty and dark romance!

Misled was a dark and gritty biker story.  There were many twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. There was just enough action and suspense to keep my interest.  This story does show you that through adversity and suffering you can become a stronger person despite it all. Although there is murder and violence throughout, the story gives the reader a happy conclusion. There were many sexual scenes that were intensely graphic, so if that is not your thing be forewarned.  

There were a few negatives to the book in my opinion. Some of the parts to the story were unbelievable. It seemed that sometimes cuss words were thrown in random places. Yes, it is a biker club book, which has cussing, however it seemed overly obsessive with cuss words in places that they just didn’t fit or need to be.  The last thing I didn’t care for was the main character, Megan Fox. Her character was so unbelievable. She was extremely naïve and sounded/acted like she was 8 years old instead of 18. For all the trauma and abuse that she went through, you would think it would support a little more maturity and less naivety from her.  Other than those few minor things, the story was interesting and kept my attention.

Samuel Valor did a great job with the narration. He had a clear and crisp voice that was easy to follow. He did a great job with the voice inflections.

This is the first book that I have read by Kathryn Kelly. I recommend Misled to anyone that enjoys a gritty motorcycle club romance.

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