BOOK REVIEW: The Deadly Jellybean Affair by Carrie Marsh

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Book: The Deadly Jellybean Affair
(Morhollow Sweet Tooth Murder Mysteries Series)
Author: Carrie Marsh
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense/Cozy Mystery

My Rating: ★★★★★


A Retired Witch… A Cruel Murder… Can a few old tricks solve a crime?

Left a very comfortable widow after her dear husband passed, Mary Tuttle has many abilities, some of which have allowed her to open the doors to her dreams, a bead shop by the name of Beads and Baubles.

But when she stumbles across the body of a dead Morhollow party-girl, Mary discovers that there are much deeper secrets behind the attack of her newly hired employee, who was beaten, bruised, and hidden just out of plain sight. There is no questioning the fact that Mary is compelled to solve the case and find the killer…

But she will need to return to her roots to do it.

Faced with the realization she will have to dust off her spell books, consult with her domestic cat, and be sure to steer clear of the police investigation, Mary knows she will have to play things carefully to find out the truth.But she will need to return to her roots to do it.

Of course, it would be a lot simpler if the Captain of the Morhollow Police Department didn’t happen to be her son.

Can Mary narrow down the long list of suspects before giving herself away?

Or will she take one too many risks and place herself in the sights of a killer?


An adventurous amusing cozy mystery!

The Deadly Jellybean Affair is the first book in the new cozy mystery series. This book holds to all the witty, charming, and silliness that we have come to expect from Carrie Marsh. Mary is a witch and can speak to her cat. The more Mary meddles while trying to solve the murder mystery the more danger she ends up putting herself in much to the chagrin of her son, the police chief. With the help of her cat, Mary starts to use her magic again to aid her while on her many adventures.

Carrie Marsh does a great job of writing an entertaining mystery that will keep you guessing and engrossed from the beginning to the end. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the different situations that Mary kept putting herself in. The plot was well thought out that included all the typical cozy mystery elements that you expect. The characters are easy to like even the ones that are not so nice.

It really is a fun and light read that grabs your attention and keeps you guessing on who is the murder and why did they murder.  It shows you that it is never too late to change who you are and to accept yourself and be true to you.

Carrie Marsh writes with the right amount of humor and humor to keep you entertained. I recommend her books to anyone that enjoys a light, fun mystery that will keep you guessing all the way through.

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