BOOK REVIEW: Bond by Anne Conley

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Book: Bond (Pierce Securities Book 6)
Author: Anne Conley
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Action & Adventure

My Rating: ★★★★★


Deena Rae is a loner, a strong independent woman who needs nobody, with the possible exception of Mr. Fine Ass, with whom she’s begun a strange courtship. He’s certainly a nice diversion from her new job with Pierce Securities and her first solo gig with the company.

Slade is in debt to a man nobody wants to owe, his sperm donor just died, and somehow, Deena Rae knows the half-brother Slade’s never met. Slade can’t keep his eyes off his gorgeous bitch of a neighbor who keeps her drapes open, even when she’s “entertaining.” He’s told her, though, he’s a train wreck and they shouldn’t get involved.

Now Deena Rae is riding Slade’s train all the way to the end, whether she likes it or not. Slade is working for her mark, and her mark suddenly wants her dead.

And Slade’s the man who’s got to do it.

An entertaining action packed romance!

Bond is an action packed romance that involves strong willed woman that is determined to prove herself and make her way in a man’s profession. Her strong will is the perfect complement to Slade, the sexy neighbor that she keeps bumping into while on an investigation for a client. Slade and Deena Rae create explosive sparks together. Keeping professional and keeping hands off proves to be almost impossible for either one of them.

Bond was an intriguing and well-written story.  There were many twists and turns that formed a believable unique plot. There was a lot of action and just enough romance to keep my interest piqued. Anne Conley really knows how to build up the action and keep your attention to the very end.  The characters were well developed and engaging. She did a great job of intertwining the different characters of the series throughout the story. I thought the twist of Zack and Slade was a unique twist that added to the story.

This is another great read by Anne Conley. I recommend Bond to anyone that enjoys reading an action packed romance that will keep you entertained all the way to the end.

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