BOOK REVIEW: Addicted to the Duke: An Imperfect Lords Novel by Bronwen Evans

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Book: Addicted to the Duke: An Imperfect Lords Novel
Author: Bronwen Evans
Genre: Historical Romance

My Rating: ★★★★★


Alexander Sylvester Bracken, Duke of Bedford, has a mission: sail to the Mediterranean and track down Lady Hestia Cary’s missing father. It is a straightforward task, but for two rather vexing complications. First, the sea holds painful memories; second, for her own safety, Hestia is to accompany him. As Alex battles the demons of his past, he must also resist Hestia’s surprisingly skillful attempts at seduction. After all, Alex has sworn to leave her untouched, and he intends to honor that vow—until he can properly ask the Earl’s blessing.

Ever since His Grace rescued Hestia from the arms of a Turkish pirate six long years ago, her heart has belonged to Alex. So when he agrees to help find her father, Hestia is thrilled. Although Alex tries to hide it, there’s passion in his eyes—and a frisson of desire in the air—whenever they meet. On board ship, miles from home, Alex won’t be able to deny her any longer. But with scoundrels lying in wait, she may not live to tell the tale of her conquest.

An adventurous story full of passion!

Addicted to the Duke is a story about the Duke of Bedford fighting past an addiction to help Lady Hestia find her father while providing protection from her evil cousin. For years, Alexander has fought his feelings for Hestia due to a promise that he made to her father. Although trying to protect her means being together, fighting those feelings seems to be the impossible. Hestia is determined to capture the Duke’s heart. She has been in love with him for years and is hoping that being together will be the final push for him to develop feelings for her. It is a race against time to find Hestia’s father while trying to outmaneuver the enemies.

Addicted to the Duke was a passionate, well-written story with a unique plot.  It was about overcoming your past and accepting your future. There were many twists and turns with plenty of action and romance to keep my interest. This author did a great job in keeping my attention to the very end.  The characters were well developed and likeable. The epilogue gave a good wrap-up to the story while teasing what is to come next. Bronwen Evans is a gifted author that created a masterpiece that I thoroughly enjoyed.

This is the first book that I have read by Bronwen Evans and will certainly not be my last. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.  I recommend Addicted to the Duke to anyone that enjoys a passionate action filled romance that will keep you interested all the way to the end.

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